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This is a web page where I share various pieces of software that I like, or find useful (game cracks also count).

Stuff I Recommend


(external link/https)

I use this program because it's basically the best screenshot tool out there. It works, has memorable shortcuts, is free and open source. Its only con is that it's not on Linux.

Windows XP/Vista users: Last supported version is 11.9.1 and requires .NET 4.0. Download it here.


(external link/https)

A pretty good hardware emulator. You can emulate from 8088 on CGA to Pentium II with Voodoo 3 graphics. Began as a fork of PCem.

AMD Ryzen users: Because AMD has removed some instructions from Zen architecture, using VirtualBox or VMware for Windows 9x is currently unviable. Use 86box instead.


V 3.3.11 (16471kb)

Last supported version for Windows XP. qBittorrent is a no-brainer for torrenting, it's better than last great uTorrent release.


V 0.8.2 (8673kb)

Possibly last release tht supports Windows XP. Spek is an audio spectrogram analyzer, letting you, well, analyze frequencies. I use it to check whenever lossless audio is really lossless.


V 1.5.11 (4326kb)

Last version for Windows XP. foobar2000 is a great music player (and media player if you get a video plugin) that has cusotmizable UI, extensive plugin support and is lightweight.


V 4.3.4 (160kb)

UltraUXThemePatcher is a pgoram designed to modify Windows theme service to allow third-party themes. Provided version here is 4.3.4 but even latest will work on XP.


V 3.5.11 (3678kb)

Last release to support XP. Paint.NET is a free raster editor program. Useful if you despise Photoshop and you have no idea how to use GIMP.


V 9.20 (1085kb)

Old version of 7-zip. Works with Windows 98.


ModPlug Player

V (580kb)

An old-school music module player. Works on Windows 9x to Windows 11 x64 without issues.


A plugin that I've used in the past to dynamically compress songs while I was playing TF2 (I usually set music volume to -7dB on foobar2000). These days I don't need it, but I share it, cuz it's cool.

Windows Loader by Daz

V 2.2.2 (1458kb)

Windows Vista/7 activator. Works on MBR-partitioned non-UEFI machines only.


This compressed archive includes a No-CD patch for the game and official patch.

This compressed archive includes a No-CD patch for the game.

This compressed archive includes a No-CD patch for the game, including original HOODLUM .info and demo file.

Unreal Tournament 1999 Patch

V 3.4.6 (32976kb)

Patch for UT99, allowing to play without a CD. Use this to have best mod support.