Time: OCs

Main pony OC: Millie

She's my main pony, and so she reflects my personality. No one really knows where she came from, or who her true parents are, or how she even became an alicorn, but everypony likes her, and that's what matters to her.

"Birthday": 24th September

Age: ???

Gender: Mare

Occupation: IT/PC Stuff

Main pony OC's "mom": Green Moss

She didn't knew she'd become a mother at such a young age of 24, just as soon as she started her garden life. Nopony knew. She also didn't knew her newly-started garden life would end years later due to yours truly. Lovely mare who takes care of anything nature, but is also good with technology, especially creating front-ends. Also a crazy lesbian.

Birthday: 16th May 1980

Age: 43

Gender: Mare

Occupation: Nopony really knows, neither does she

More might be coming soon.